We offer the best technology available in a cost-effective package.

R&L Engineering, Inc. provides services to a continuously growing range of industries. It is our mission to find the best solutions for our clients. We work with our clients as a unified team to achieve these goals. 

R&L Engineering, Inc. is an industry leading provider of Machine Control and Information Solutions for the lumber processing industry. Controls for Log Line, Trimmer/Sorter Systems, Dry Kiln, Planer Machine Control and conversions from hydraulic to AC inverter drives are some examples of our areas of expertise in the Forest Products Industry. Current systems include:


In the Nonwovens Industry, R&L Engineering, Inc. produces a variety of specialized systems and subsystems.

  • Laminating Systems for "Cloth Like" backsheet

R&L Engineering, Inc. is an industry leader in delivering new plant process control systems and optimizing existing operations in the mining industry. Our control systems utilize quality PLCs with multiple options for distributed I/O and HMI system configurations. We generate the detailed system architecture design, PLC programming, HMI configuration and overall communication network design. We integrate other OEM systems into the main control system for a total plant automated system.

R&L Engineering, Inc. is a recognized provider of industrial automation hardware and software in Good and Beverage Process. Our PLC and HMI menu driven systems provide complete process control. Process changeover to a new product is as simple as clicking on a different "recipe" from a user friendly HMI display screen. All new equipment settings and process calibrations are accomplished automatically.

R&L Engineering, Inc. is currently working with several companies to build biomass systems to provide a clean and renewable energy source. The biomass systems will supply cost competitive and high performance biofuels, bioproducts and biopower to the end user.

R&L Engineering, Inc. provides confidential, proprietary development services for a select group of domestic and international customers. Our client base consists of Fortune 500 and Internationally Recognized Leaders in their respective industries. We provide a full range of services from concept development through commercialization, including patent investigation and application.

R&L Engineering, Inc. has a statewide contract with the Georgia Department of Corrections to provide design, installation and routine maintenance for all electronic life safety and securities systems in the Georgia Corrections System. R&L Engineering also has developed specialized control systems to meet the unique security and accountability requirements in county jail environments. Our current systems include:




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